Cookies ~ $1.50 each, $6 for 6

Nutty Skor Chocolate Chunk

Raspberry Meringues

Sweet Ginger

Pecans, dark chocolate, toffee bits, and lots of butter to make this cookie soft, sweet and crunchy.
Crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside. These litte meringue babies will satisfy your sweet craving in a single bite.... but don't stop there! Also, great for gluten intolerant tummies.
Who doesn't like a ginger! This gal is spicyyyyy, rolled in cinnamon sugar and is ready to hit your tastebuds with a serious punch.

Double Chocolate with Kahlua


Rich cocoa, chunks of bittersweet, good quality chocolate and a splash of kahlua. A little hit of chocolate goodness.
Butter, butter and more butter. Need we say more! Choose from cardamom or lavendar infused shortbread, or maybe you prefer plain and delicious. Heck, have one of each.

Peanut Butter Love

The Glady

Choose from our big Peanut Butter and Honey cookie or our Peanut Butter and Jam cookie. Feed your inner kid and have a bite of either (or both!) of these nostalgic cookies.
If you're looking for an 'ah ha' cookie moment then this is the cookie for you. Sweet and spicy, nutty and fruity. Buttery. You'll be sooo glady you ate it.

Cranberry Oatmeal


Tons of wholesome oats and lots of sweet cranberries in this chewy classic. You might even consider these healthy!

Oui, oui. These little french beauties are a wonderful almond meringue cookie filled with a sweet buttercream. Flavours vary so please give us a call to discuss your preferences.
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A 'lil Visual Treat Feast for Ya
  1. Chocolate Kahlua Cookies
    Chocolate Kahlua Cookies
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  3. Macarons

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