Cakes ~ prices vary

Banana Toffee Cake
                                 8" bundt

Chocolate Porter Cake
                             8" bundt

Pretty in Pink
                            4" round tiered

This cake is dark, moist, and covered in chocolate ganache. The local Porter beer adds tanginess but does not slap your taste buds with bitterness. In fact, the chocolate counters any bitterness from the booze.
A light and fluffy lemon cake covered in a raspberry buttercream. This gal is a pretty cake and tastes great too.
A rich banana cake, baked in a beautiful 8" round bundt pan, slathered with toffee and baked again! Then topped with more sticky toffee and walnuts. Yum. 

Coconut Cake
                            4" round tiered

Coffee cake w a shot of Baileys
                                 8" bundt

Just Like GMa's Carrot Cake
                            8" bundt

Rich vanilla cake baked with swirls of cinammon, walnuts and Baileys Irish Cream. Grab a slice with your afternoon cup of joe - or maybe with the morning cup of joe?! No judging here.
For coconut lovers this cake will rock your taste buds. Chock full of sweetened coconut and spiced with almond extract, this little number is perfect for a birthday or just to enjoy on any given day. I'ts iced with creamcheese icing and topped with even more coconut.

** All our 4" cakes have 4 tiers and have a good helping of icing between each tier.

This is an old school, but oh so good carrot cake. Its moist, delish' and full of those wonderful spices your GMa would have made this cake with. Its topped with cream cheese icing, ofcourse!

Sticky Apple Cake
                                 8" bundt

Almond Coconut Baby-Cake
                                 2" bundt

A vanilla cake, baked with a layer of apples and cinnamon in its centre. It's uncomplicated and delicious. Topped with our home-made caramel sauce it's just begging for a sidekick of vanilla ice cream. Oh joy.
For the wheat-intolerant sinner (or for anyone, really!), we have a lovely little number to offer you. It's made with almond oil, almond meal, coconut flour and corn meal. Topped with white chocolate ganache and toasted almonds. So good!
** price per baby-cake is $5.00
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A 'lil Visual Treat Feast for Ya
  1. Carrot Cake
    Carrot Cake
  2. chocolate porter cake
    chocolate porter cake
  3. Tiered drip cake
    Tiered drip cake

pssst.... there are: NO Artificial Colours, NO Artificial Flavours, and NO Preservatives!