Who the heck is Sin a Bit, you ask ?

What We're All About
Bake the best we can Bake
We are committed to creating the best product possible. Each Sin a Bit creation - be it a cake,  pie, tart, cookie, or slab, is made by hand and from scratch. "Out of a box" or "from a mix" are phrases we don't dare utter. No sir, there are no aritificial colours, flavourings or preservatives in our bakes. Yup, we most certainly DO juice and zest all the lemons that go into our Limoncello Lemon Slabs! Sinfully put, it's just good old fashion goodness, parading behind it a long list of pure and delicious ingredients.
Be as Green as we can Be
Baked stuff brings joy and happiness, even nostagia, to folks, right ?! Oh how easy it is to throw caution to the blustery wind and devour that 3rd cookie whilst no one is looking. But here's the thing: at Sin a Bit, what we do take seriously is our enviromental commitment to this great land of ours. We have teamed up with Green Shift , an awesome Canadian Co., to help keep our footprint a wee bit smaller. With greener packaging options we can all sleep a little easier knowing the corn-based cookie bag you brought home won't take a century to decompose in a landfill. You're feeling better about that 3rd cookie right now, aren't you.
Give back as much as we can Give
Every market season Sin a Bit is committed to donating a portion of its proceeds to a community organization. If you're by to see us at the market, know your Sin a Bit snack will help to pay it forward/give it back - your purchase will be appreciated by more than just us !
Our baking magic began in 2015 in Haliburton, Ont. during the deepest of darkest and coldest days of winter. Since swinging open the kitchen door in the spring of that year, the experience of researching, cooking, marketing and planning have been the ingredients that
have allowed us to present to our customers the best melt-in-your-mouth treats possible.

See our Summer 2017 Farmers' Market Schedule so you know when and where to get your next sweet fix.